Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's all the little things...

I read in some magazine years ago about relationship advice that in order to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to let go of the three top pet peeves—the little things that drive you crazy. And honestly, it's great advice, albeit easier said than done. My pet peeves seem to not apply to me. I can't stand messiness, but would rather not pick up after myself all the time. I CAN'T operate with a messy desk. CAN'T. And right now, my desk at home is a disaster. Granted, my dead iMac sits on top and I don't sit at it right now, but if I did, I'd have to clean it before I could get anything done. I hate little repetitive noises. I've always had an amazing sense of hearing. Now that my eyesight is not what it used to be, my hearing has strangely gotten more keen. I have a hard time filtering out things. Well, the fact that I'm nosy doesn't help.

There's this loose bolt caught under my driver's seat in the metal base. It comes and goes, but it seems to become active when I'm upset or pissed off. I'll be all upset about something in traffic or whatever, and I hear this little bolt rolling around. My first thought is usually, "that stupid effing bolt!" The Husband won't fish it out because it requires unplugging a bunch of stuff that will have to be reset at the dealership, and I'm fresh out of warranty.

In the two-plus years' relationship I've had with Katarina (my car), I've tried to let go of the peeves. But some days, she makes it really hard. I've put a crapload of miles on her, and she needs an entire new set of brakes, among other work, but all in all, I'm still on the fence as to what to do with her.

But every time I hear that stupid little bolt, I want to scream. And stomp my feet. Even if I'm trying to let go.

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