Thursday, December 10, 2009


So, being all excited about embracing the idea of skinny jeans and tall suede boots, I went to DSW on my lunch break the other day. Because who doesn't like shoe shopping on the fly? Well, the boots I wrote about in my last post were there. And I tried them on. As well as about fifty other pairs of boots. The bad news? Apparently playing sports for all of my life, minus the last eight years, has given me "wide calves." NONE of the boots I liked fit. Not even on bare leg. But I did figure out that Kenneth Cole Reaction Wide Calf styles fit me. Not sure how much skinny jean will fit in there with my calf, but I'll try. And I did find an adorable pair of purple snakeskin-like Steve Madden flats, just like what I've been looking for. (Only better, they're way cute. And a little more $$$ than I would like to spend, but perhaps there will be coupons in my future?)

Shopping for shoes is supposed to be easy. Shoes = happiness, right?

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