Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Dear, I'm afraid Fall has passed me right by!

Okay, so life has been at a running pace lately, and I'm just trying to keep up. There's so much goin' on 'round these parts, I don't even know where to begin. So how 'bout some pics?
First, Fall came:

This was the first image I took with my Series E 50mm lens. It's a manual focus lens, I love old school stuff. My old SLR was a fully manual camera, oh how I miss it. I sold it to finance my DSLR, and there's not a day that goes by when I'm out shooting that I don't miss it. DSLRs just have so many options, and I don't know how to change them all. Crazy, I know. But I knew my old machine inside and out. And I shot infrared, which I miss dearly. I can do a conversion, but it's pricey. I may look into it, that was really my niche. Anywho, this photo wicked grainy, but I love it. It may end up being a Christmas present for someone. We'll see.

I had my first ever week-off vacation. Only it wasn't really a vacation. It was an insanely busy week, which should be no surprise. First, Columbus day, the Daughter was in a parade. Here's her with two other girls on her Cheerleading team.
Yes, she has her tongue out. And being the great photographer mother I am, I didn't get any good photos of the actual float, because I was too busy looking for her on it. (Hey, they all look the same in their uniforms!) Anyway, they won "Most Beautiful in Parade" I cried, of course.

That Friday, the Daughter turned 6. I can't believe it either. I made my first cake with fondant icing. In an insanely annoying pink. (Hey, the coloring stickers were WAYYYY lighter, so this was a bit unexpected, but she loved it just the same.)

What, you didn't get your name written in Helvetica on your birthday cakes? Well, I guess that's the upside to your baker being a graphic designer. She was very excited about it. Although, I did flavor the icing with an orange flavor, and I didn't care for that, but homemade fondant is awesome. It's pretty good and so much cheaper.

For the next day, the party, I did a cupcake tower. The kids were so excited! The Daughter didn't see the cupcakes until right when I had them on the tower, she was delighted. The kids couldn't wait to devour them. And those, were GOOD. Had I not caught my nephew eating three of them, I'd probably have one left. But I had none. Seriously.

I fabricated the stand out of a ginormous box my mother sent birthday gifts in. Approximately 14.2 minutes before people started showing up at my house. So I didn't get to cover the risers in foil. Oh well, it looked great and the kids were excited. The Husband had to work that day, so yes, I had something like 18 kids and their entire families in the downstairs of my small half-duplex. I was okay until the neighbor's kids came uninvited and began yelling at my Daughter on the steps. Yes, I kicked her out. Ugh.

Then came Halloween. Let me preface this. I hate Halloween.  This holiday could just go away, and I'd be thrilled. First of all, there's no real cheap way to get out of Halloween. My kids aren't really into being "characters," so it's up to me. I waited, hoping it would be terrible weather so we could just have a movie night at home. But that wasn't the case, so the day before, we went to iparty. The Daughter picked out an "Asian Princess" costume. She called herself a Karate Princess. I was better with that, since the Husband thought she was a "Geisha" (read: escort). Whatever. It was cute. The Son wanted to be Superman. And there were no Superman costumes to be found. So I whipped out the Threadbanger.

So I found the Superman logo online and printed it out, cut it out of red and then again in yellow and sewed it all together. Then I made the cape. I also made a mask that he's wearing. And I then printed the logo out on some screen-print iron-on paper. Only, then, he had only one clean blue shirts, so I turned one inside out and ironed on the chest logo. He was so excited.

In the end, it wasn't that bad, they got us some good candy and they wore out around 7:30. Then we had to visit the fam and all that stuff. So it was a tiring Halloween. Though, I'd be super happy for Halloween to be on a Saturday forever.

Moving on to November, I was able to photograph the Joey Fund Film Premiere. My work had a small part in the event, we did all the banners and posters. We also do the tshirts and the bags every year, so it was quite nice to see everything come together at the event. Here's my favorite shot:
I love the Bokeh. We didn't do the table tents, but we did do the logo on them. =)

So, that's been my past few months. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Daughter who has had a 102 fever for two days and I need to get to the grocery store to purchase the Thanksgiving Day shenanigans. And yes, T-Day is two days away. And I've decided to do everything homemade, from the stuffing to the gravy to the green beans with toasted almonds. Even though I reallllllly love Stove top stuffing. Oh well. I'm most excited about the homemade cranberry sauce and the pumpkin cheesecake. So I need to get on with roasting my sugar pumpkins so I can create this divine masterpiece that calls for four (yes, 4!) bricks of cream cheese.

Alright, until next time!

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