Monday, December 7, 2009

My holiday wish list.

I've been a relatively good Mama this year. It's been a rough year for all of us. But just in case you're wondering, here's my list:

A new pretty magenta scarf.This one is from Old Navy (linky) and is only $7. It's soft cotton acrylic—I don't like wool scarves—and pretty. I did see one a few months ago at the Calvin Klein outlet in Wrentham, but it was much longer. (And only $30—usually on sale, too). The longer one sorta scares me, since both of my winter coats are knee-length, I'm worried with a long coat and a long scarf that I'll end up looking like a tiny girl dressed in oversized clothing. Especially since one of the coats is a down slim-styled puffer. (I swear, it's slimmer, I promise). I'm just too cold up here in New England to go another winter without one. But I love the brightness of this magenta. I'm not at all a pink girl, but I tried on the teal and the bright purple—both which were nice, too—but this one actually looked best on my skin. I'd really love to find a matching crocheted skull cap too.

The Calphalon Dutch Oven.

I know, I look at this thing every year. And previously, I wanted this exact one, the 8-quart oval, because not only would it make great soups with me, but it could cook corn. But then, we tried corn cooked on the grill. And I don't think I can ever go back to boiled corn. EVER. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, you should. You'll never look back. I do love the versatility of a dutch oven. I've been into making soups lately, and I think it would be a great addition to the kitchen. But I would like one that's at least 5-quarts. I'd like a round one. And honestly, I'd be fine with one from Marshall's, it doesn't have to be Calphalon. I just think I'm ready for a cast iron dutch oven. However, I would like to replace my pots with Calphalon pots, as the Husband pointed out. In due time...

Alright, the next one, I'm giving in. I'm scared, but I'm going to embrace it.

I'm ready to try the trend: Tall suede boots and skinny jeans. I love the ruffle on the side of these, it's feminine but still cool. And these are only $79 at DSW, not bad! I think a flat boot would be better for me, as I'll likely wear it more. And hopefully be less clumsy. However, I think I actually want a gray pair. Like this pair:

These are the Steve Madden ones and are on sale for $49 at Finish Line. I am somewhat worried about them looking a little too Robin Hood, but I think being in gray will help. I used to have a pair like these when I was a little girl, when suede boots made their debut in the 80s. Mine were a bit lower, though. Of course, I'd love the top boots in gray, that would be my ultimate. Anyhow, I think these paired with some Stella Skinny Leg Jeans from Express. I think Express would be my best bet at skinny jeans looking good on me, since I'm not, well, skinny. Of course, I'm not really sure what I'd wear on top, I'll have to ask my fashion guru, The Missus.

This one's more of an upcoming necessity:

The Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home. I need a larger bag for my camera equipment. I also like the 8 million and the Brazillion, but this one fits my budget a little better. However, I'll likely buy it off ebay anyhow. I love Crumpler bags, I have the 4 million, and it's great for days out with the fam, but I can't carry lenses and a flash. Or anything else. And I need to be able to. I found another bag that I could use with my current one, but I think one bag for everything would work. And if I'm doing events, where you don't really get to set your gear down, a messenger works better, since some of these events are semi-formal and formal. It's easier to access on the fly, too. I also like that these bags don't generally look like camera bags, they're much more stylish.

Alright, that's pretty much it. Unless Santa is going to bring me a new sleigh in place of Katarina, but that's saved for another post. What's on your list?

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