Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reason #732 why I dislike shopping with the kidlets...

It was time for some new underoos. The Husband has decided instead of waiting, he's taking the Son and they're going to hang out at Best Buy. I've got Daughter duty to shop. Which doesn't sound so bad, right?

We're at the mall in the underoo store, and I'm picking out my dressing room pile. The first fun thing that happens, is she grabs a red "nightgown" off the rack and says, "this is pretty mommy, you could put this on later when we have friends coming over!" She's incredibly proud of herself because she knows I love red, and yes, some friends whom I've taken their wedding photos are coming over later to review them. I tell her that it's not clothing appropriate for other people to see. She's a little confused, but she hangs it back up and moves on.

Later, we're in the main room with more practical underoos. She's all excited because she notices the size letters on the drawers. I show her which one I'm looking for. Now, I'm not a "big" girl, but I'm no size zero. She holds up a pair out of my drawer and says, "wow, mom, those are bigggg!" Great, so I've just been given a complex by my 6-year-old, thin-as-a-rail daughter. And I want to stuff a sock in her mouth. Of course, immediately following, there is the inhale of other women awaiting my reply. I tell her, "that is not nice at all, and you need to stop." She cowers. We move on. I continue, but she's over looking at some underwear that's hanging on the wall. She turns around, across the room, and says, "Mommy, these should fit you, they're big!"

Makes you want to take them everywhere, eh?

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