Saturday, August 1, 2009

What to wear to a wedding.

The Husband and I have to attend a wedding today. After looking high and low, I have found the perfect dress, from New York & Company. When I tried it on, the salesgirl kept telling me it looked fantastic. Instantly, I did love it, the shape is perfect. I'll show a photo, but I couldn't find the exact dress, this is similar and is in the same color. I wanted a print, but settled for a solid, as the only print was black and white, and I really didn't want to buy another black and white dress. It's an odd color, but when I told the girl the short story, she agreed I should wear it and not be nervous of drawing attention. The truth: we really don't want to go to the wedding. The Bride and Groom have broken (yes, broken. Way past burnt) many bridges along the way. I won't discuss the Groom's antics. The Husband has been friends with the groom for many years. Not close friends, as the groom can never be counted on. Ever. So when we moved up here, mutual friends of ours knew them, too. They've had a tumultuous relationship, been unfaithful, but have been together for something like 12 years. No one's really sure why they are getting hitched now, but whatever. Months ago, the bride came to me to design her invitations. Since this is what I love to do, I agreed. I made a custom invite for her, and it was a nice set. Honestly, she didn't pick the concept I would have, but to each their own. She agreed to everything, and told me to go ahead and buy the paper to print them. So I did. I spent $145 on paper and got to printing. After about 25 invites, I ran out of ink and had to stop. The Husband and I weren't in a great financial place, so it had to wait a few days. I let her know the total cost of materials, I wasn't charging for my time. Three days later, I get an email that she has now decided to make them herself. She thought going with me would be the cheapest option. Enter my rage. I didn't even answer her. I'll spare you the details of her greedily-planned shower that you had to purchase tickets to attend. (!) I was able to take most of the paper back, save for about $30 worth. So imagine my surprise when we got an invite. The Husband says, "We're not going, right?" I answered, "The Hell we aren't! Honey, they're serving Prime Rib. The least they can do is buy us dinner." He agreed. So we'll go to the wedding. And I'll be the one in a blood orange dress: Yay!
Edit: When we arrived, ALL the women were in black. Everyone. We went to the lounge, had a beverage, and I had two women tell me how beautiful my dress was. I had one girl that was all "Seriously, can we switch in the bathroom?" The Husband and I ended up seated next to them, which was fun. During the wedding, four other women told me how nce/sexy my dress was. Oh, and the Husband loved it, too. Score!

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