Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Birthday Wardrobe.

So I decided that for my birthday, I was taking my earnings shopping for some much-needed new clothes. I did buy a lot, but I promise you, I really did not spend a lot. I bought everything on sale and had coupons that made it silly cheap. But I'll stress, I needed some new threads. My closet is really starting to show its age/quality. I did buy some stuff at H&M and Forever 12 over the past year with the intention that the quality really isn't the best, but it's what I can afford for now. Without further ado, I give you, my purchases:


Okay, not exciting, but I seriously needed some simple dress tops. From left, the first is a white and blue striped top, the middle is a white with a blue box stripe, and the right is a white top with a texture to it. Simple enough to go with so much. You'll see what all I bought them to go with. Next:

The left top is one of the short sleeved tops on sale at Express this week for $19. I bought one in black and one in a plum color. I also have a royal blue one. The next is a blue sweater. I bought it specifically to go over the tops above. The right is a blue knit top with flowers on it. I should mention I also bought a blue and a black fabric flower for embellishment. Cute, eh? Now here's the real deals, the tops I bought at NY & Co, the one on the right here and the three above, I purchased as part of the buy-one-get-one 1/2 off sale. And I had City Bucks, so alltogether, I paid $50. Yes, $50. The Express tops, I had coupons with, so I paid $10 per top. It gets better. Just wait.

Then, I did some layering pieces: 

The first on the left is actually a bright pink ribbed sweater shell. I wasn't going to wear it solo, as pictured, but over some of my tops, namely the black one above. The next is a double breasted vest. I've been debating buying one of these for over a year, and finally I bought this one. Honestly, I liked the gray one better, but haven't been able to find it in my size. This one is more brown, but I am happy with it. The next is a sweater vest/cardigan. I actually bought this in gray, and it's close to this one, but I couldn't find the one I actually bought.  The sweater and the vest on the left were both bought with coupons, the sweater was part of the bogo, and the vest was used with a 20% off coupon. The cardigan was purchased at Forever 12 (as I like to call it), so it was only $13. Although, now that I see it in red, I may have to get it. More:

Alright, I need your imaginations here. The left, obviously a shirt dress. I actually bought a black one with 3/4 sleeves. But I couldn't find it. The right is a high-waisted skirt that I bought in black, not this ridiculous coffee-bean pattern. It's not actually high-waisted, but it does carry that look. I hate high-waisted anything, and despite the fact that this skirt does have pleating, it looks really cute on. The dress was on sale for $35 and I had a 20% off coupon. The skirt was 60% off and was bought with the 20% off coupon. So the dress came to something like $28 and the skirt was... under $9. Who can pass these deals up? 

Here's the stuff I couldn't find anything remotely close to photograph. I bought (to go under the gray sweater vest) a yellow ruffled top from Forever 12. Yes, yellow. Before you send the fashion police, know this. It's a light top, with a texture in the fabric. The ruffle lays flat and is actually quite flattering. I'm going to wear it in yellow as long as I retain my summer "color" on my face. Then I'm going to dye it red, because I think red suits my skin tone better than yellow. This way, if it comes out more orangey, it will still be a hue that I can wear. I also bought two knit v-neck tops (my signature top) from Express. One in white, because most people I know are still on the quest for their perfect white tee, and one in plum, because, well, I have a hard time passing up plum. Exp is having a buy-one-get-one free on knit tops, and I had a 15% off coupon, so this ended up being $17 for the two shirts. I adore Express and the way their clothes fit my body, regardless of my body shape, I feel good in the clothes. All my jeans and dress pants are Express as well.I did also buy a black chino pencil skirt from Old Navy. It's a much more casual skirt, but nice with flats for fall. 

Now I have to say, Forever 12 is just a daunting store. I hate shopping in there, but honestly, some of their stuff can be cute and is ridiculously cheap. I like that because if I'm not sure how much I'll like something that's cute, but out of my comfort zone, I don't have a problem paying $15 for a top that I only wear a few times. Rest assured, I don't go near their bottoms or dresses, because lord knows I am not shaped like a stick. I think it's all in how you wear something, and I've gotten lots of compliments on some of the items I've bought from there. Of course, rifling through their website and sorting tops that are labeled "dressy," I understand now why so many teenagers look so trampy when they are out with their friends. Someone needs to pare down the designers at that place, they are just out of control. 

I am so excited for my new clothes! The husband is quite happy that I really didn't spend as much as he thought I did, but that's smart shopping. I'd feel terrible if I spent that kind of money on only a portion of the clothing, because I would start to wonder whether I should put that money to use elsewhere. But no doubt, I got a great deal on all my stuff. And I know what you're thinking, that's an awful lot of blue hues, but honestly, I know what I look good in. And this way, I can mix and match more of my stuff. And honestly, some of the yellowish/green tones out this fall do not at all complement my skin. But this royal blue color carries through nearly every season and blues are my best colors. I still carry my red purse (the blue Michael Kors one I purchased is on sale at ebay, I just couldn't do such a big, slouchy bag everyday), so that's another splash of color. Also, I've upgraded a lot of my jewelry and accessories, thanks to a friend who works at a company that makes them. (F-R-E-E!!!). I feel much better about my style (the fact that I have a style, not just covet one) and who doesn't like to feel and look good?

In true me fashion, there are still a few things I am watching and hoping go on sale, you ask? This: 

it's a wool herringbone coat. And this photo doesn't do it justice. It was lust at first sight. I have a few coupons, so if they have a good outerwear sale, I am on it! Well, we'll see. I do need some photography equipment for an upcoming wedding I'm shooting. But I'm going to watch it and drool.

What are you buying this season?


Harry said...

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Vanessa said...

Looks like you made some great choices! I love the timeless pieces that will look great from year to year.