Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life Lessons, this week's edition

I don't think I've done this one since my old blog. But certainly, I've learned a bit here and there. Here's what I can recall:

1. ALWAYS be nervous when you've put the Son's laundry in the washer, and upon walking away keep hearing this noise that makes you say, "What the hell IS that?" And then you open the door and a train falls out.

2. Pot Roast can be good. Especially when the meat only costs $2.45. (I know, I was scared, too).

3. Working from home and keeping chocolate in the house don't go together. Ever.

4. Other people think that "working from home" means "not doing anything."

5. When the lint screen from the dryer is filled with cashmere-like lint, chances are, there's something in there that shouldn't be.

6. When you dry something with even the slightest amount of cashmere in it, expect it to fit nothing larger than a Barbie.

7. When the Husband is walking toward any appliance and utters the words "Can you show me how to work this thing?" It's not going to turn out well.

(Note: these two events did not happen together. Sadly, I can't blame the cashmere incident on anyone else.)

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