Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I love Thursday

There's a few items that I've come across that I absolutely love. Care to hear what they are? No? Too bad.

Vinegar. I know, I'm always raving about this stuff. But seriously, what other item can get my laundry clean, make my floors sparkle, and make my soup and pasta dishes "pop"? Exactly.

My kitchenaid mixer. I love this thing, and I know that you know that. I'm not the naming type and find it a bit strange when some people ask me what her name is. She doesn't have one. But she is getting flames painted on her soon! (Thanks to the cousin) Anywho, not only does this mix like a champ, but it makes ice cream, shreds anything except paper, and hopefully soon will roll out pasta. It's the ice cream part that excites me the most, but you knew that, too.

Coco Willy shampoo and conditioner. I haven't found this stuff in about fifteen years. My mom and I used to use it, and then it disappeared for a couple of years. When we came across it in a grocery store, we bought all the bottles on the shelf. (Yes, we asked if they had any in the back, too.) I don't like coconut, but this stuff was awesome. Should you find any, you MUST send it. I'll bake you a pie. But I can't promise what the postal service will do to it.

Palmer's lotions. In a past life, I was a bartender. A bartender that constantly had her hands in dishsoap and sanitizer, because we were perpetually running out of glasses. And it killed my skin, especially in the winter. Then I found Palmer's cocoabutter. And I love it, but recently, I found the olive butter lotion made from olive oil. It's great in the kitchen for a day of baking, but it doesn't leave you oily at all. And none of them smell like most cocoabutter lotions, I promise.

Yankee Candle Clean Linen Scent anything. One of my favorite scents is clean linen. (Yet I hate doing laundry... I don't get it). Matter of fact, I make my own detergent and had to finally scent it because the strange smell of the soap base was making me cringe. I don't like most of the food-smell candles, it just gets to be too much. But I never get tired of the clean linen scent. I've also recently found honeysuckle, and recall loving that scent as a kid. And as a side note, why can you not get the Wedding Day candle at the store? Wouldn't that be the right place for it? Yeesh.

White Sheets. I don't know what it is, but there is nothing like climbing into a bed with white sheets. It's too bad that I only have one complete set of white sheets. Sheets are just one of those things I never buy for myself.

Purple or blue mascara, currently L'oreal HIP blue. It's not overtly Madonna-blue, but it's enough that when I wear it, people notice my eyes. And I have very blue eyes. Not like the daughter's blue eyes, but more of a steel-gray-blue. This stuff has great color, but it tends to wear down during the day and I notice my face wears it after a few hours. I haven't found another blue one that I like, but of course, I'm too cheap to go to Sephora. I do keep getting coupons for Ulta, perhaps I should check them out.

Alright, this is all I can put together right now. I'm sure I will come up with all sorts of additions while I'm on my way to work tomorrow, but then I'll forget them again.


Vanessa said...

You're right, the Palmers cocoabutter is amazing and when you figure out the pasta? Can I come for dinner? I'll bring wine...

Vanessa said...

I just noticed the date of this post. Good Lord I'm behind!