Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The right moment

On Monday (April 14), the Husband sent this to me, it was from a blog that his company's owner sent to him and the management team. And it was very fitting:

You might be waiting for things to settle down. For the kids to be old enough, for work to calm down, for the economy to recover, for the weather to cooperate, for your bad back to let up just a little...

The thing is, people who make a difference never wait for just the right time. They know that it will never arrive.

Instead, they make their ruckus when they are short of sleep, out of money, hungry, in the middle of a domestic mess and during a blizzard. Whenever.

As long as whenever is now.
Monday was my last day at work. I'd had enough, done all I could do in that position, so I walked away. It was a bold move, and they knew that I had nothing lined up (I've always had freelance, thank goodness—a true designer never stops working). But I made the choice. It has nothing to do with my Husband's job or who can support whom. This was a decision I made for me, because I preach louder than anyone I know—you must do what you love. And when you don't love it anymore, you need to make a change.

So for me, whenever is now. 


Katryn said...

On to bigger and better things! Can't wait to what's next.

heather boulay said...

Way to go!! Love the message! Couldn't be said better