Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, Mama's still here!

I have fallen off so many horses 'round these parts, I'm surprised I know my own way home! To say it's been hectic is an understatement. Observe:

Since I last wrote (March!!! At least it was this year!), so much has gone by. We've had my father up to visit while he was working. He was only here for a night, and in true fashion, the Husband and I had another event we attended that day--we paddled for one of the three Team CRAs in the Run of the Charles. It's a 24-mile canoe relay race. It was cold, but lots of fun. And? The Husband and I pulled in the win for CRA. So it wasn't a total wash. But Dad came up, got to eat some of my home cookin' and got to play the Son in MarioKart. The next morning, we walked down to the gorge, where he attempted to teach the kidlets how to skip stones.

Then, we got to go home for the first time in more than two years. I photographed a good friends' wedding. It was an amazing experience.

What a good time with some old friends! It was fun. But we also got to spend time with my parents. Where again, the Son stuck to Pop Pop like glue. It was a weekend of air hockey, swimming, and shopping. Fun was had by all.

The Daughter was enamored with Mom's net book. 
Dad and the Son worked on this helicopter that you build
and then fly all weekend. 

Then, in July, I got busier. Freelance has seriously built up, which is AMAZING. However, I feel like it should still just be May. I can't believe that the entire summer has passed me right by. Fast forward to August, when Football and Cheerleading start. And now, no evenings or weekends are mine. Seriously, I think my oven has started to wonder where I've been. We've had more takeout, drive-thru, and peanut butter sammiches than ever. I couldn't even make it on time to bake the ceremonial "First Day of School Cookies" until the night of the first day!

The Son is playing flag football this year, and it's a good time. He's finally starting to grasp the concept. I don't care how he does, just that he shows effort in a team sport. He wants to play hockey (my wallet is crying!), but is working his way through football now. Which is nice, because both kids are on the field, but it just wears us out. 

The Son is the tiny one in red, second from left. 

Yep, that's the Daughter. The one on top.

So that brings us to fall. Where the Son had his First Day Of School (photos are on the iphone, sadly), and the "busy season" has begun. I shot another wedding last weekend (and haven't had a chance to download photos yet) and had another senior portrait session this week. And we're headed to Maine this weekend (hopefully) for some family R&R.

Who am I kidding, there will be no rest. And likely no relaxation. But it'll be a fun getaway, filled with fried clams and foliage. 

What more could a Mama ask for?

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Vanessa said...

You *have* been busy this year! Glad you haven't abandoned your blog though. The daughter is daring to be on top like that and I can't believe the son had his first day of school. They are growing up so fast!