Monday, May 10, 2010

Have I ever told you that my Mama is famous?

Growing up, we always rescued animals. My first dog, Klinger was stolen by my mom as a puppy. His owners were not tending to their dog and it's newborn pups, so my mother climbed the fence and took two, one for her and one for the neighbor.

Then there was the dog Sunday who came home with my parents from the race track one day (guess which day of the week?). She was a large German Shepherd that was digging in trash cans. There was another shepherd named Daisy, who was being taken care of for weeks by a pit bull owned by my parents' best friend. They had no idea the pit was doing this until they caught their dog eating the cat food in the middle of the night. She was with us for a long time, too.

While I don't really remember the stories behind all the animals, I do remember when years ago, my mom told my dad she wanted a Basset Hound. And he brought home a life-sized basset hound stuffed animal. A handful of years later, she rescued her first Basset from a bad situation. He was an oversized tri-color named Charles. And so it began.

Mom always did work with Basset Hound rescue. Problem was, many of them would come to our home and never leave. The most she's had is five at once. She doesn't foster, because she can't let them go. But she travels, she transports, she donates, and she creates a stir. One of the rescues she is most active in right now is Michigan Basset Rescue. This weekend, they are to hold their Annual Great American Basset Waddle. And my mother will be performing with The Basset Houndz, a special group with a special message.

But wait, it doesn't stop there. Her Houndz have personalities, like Elder Clara who likes to eat, rules the house, and has two columns on hound-related email blasts. She also has her own cook book and a host of cooking gear to go with it. Go visit, buy a copy, support local rescues. She has Brudder Elwood, Instigator of Evil Deeds. I think he tells his tales on the Daily Drool. He has a book too, I just can't seem to find where it's available. (I have an autographed copy straight from da publisha)

I've always tried to do my part to support my mom in her endeavors, I've transported a few dogs, donated my time or dollars, and I've designed some of the goodness for MBR's Waddle. And you should, too. And now you know what it's like to have a famous Mama.

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