Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Review: Eat Pray Love

So, based on everyone's rave reviews on this book, I've decided to check it out from my local library and give it a shot. Since I have more time, I figure I should read more. Sounds easy, right?

Quickly, this book is a memoir where the author chronicles a year in her life. Following a nasty divorce and the breakup of her rebound, Liz sets off to spend a year overseas. Her first four months is in Italy, then to India and finally to Indonesia. You'll have to read it as for why she chose those places, I think that's necessary.

Thing is, I really didn't care for the book itself. I liked the premise behind it, a woman taking control of her life and embarking on new things to try and ultimately find herself. That part, I agree with. I think that anyone that may have this sort of opportunity would be silly not to take it. Because I think you cannot properly love someone else until you love yourself. I realize that there's times where we don't love ourselves all the time, but you have to accept who you are as a person before you can really expect anyone else to. So the basis of the book, I thought was great. I just found the rest rather boring.

Not many people I know would be able to actually leave their life for a year and take off. It just so happened that her publisher pre-paid her for the rights to the book she'd write about it. Which paid off, I guess. Truth be told, I'm still reading it, as she's in Indonesia right now and I'm just bored to tears. I'll try to get through it and perhaps my view will change. Honestly, had my library actually had a copy of Jen Lancaster's latest book Pretty in Plaid, I would have come home with that. Because I feel like a memoir needs to be funny—like Jen's—or incredibly moving, like Montell Williams'.

The worst part for me? Going to Liz's horrific website and seeing such a terrible cut-out picture of her. Who allowed her designer to create this atrocity? And the use of Comic Sans? Someone shake me, I must be having a nightmare.

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