Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wonder Drug...

Okay, not exactly a drug, but it could be. In our house, I use a lot of distilled vinegar. By a lot, I mean I go through a gallon roughly every two months. But there's a million uses for it. I have been using it in my laundry for over a year, and it does well with dingies, but also acts as a fabric softener/static repellent. But, I do this religiously since I also make my own detergent. I also use vinegar to clean my tile floors. At one time, I did wonder as to whether it actually gets them clean, but then I tried it. It does. I've used it to clean windows for years, actually with a coffee filter (no streaks, no shredding). I clean my coffee pot with it as well. But, while I was avoiding doing some work, I was over on the Pioneer Woman's blog. And I totally forgot about her use--washing her hair! She, like many small-town people—us included—has hard water. And she washed her hair and it worked wonders. So I tried it tonight. I can't believe how my hair feels! It's like I deep conditioned it, but I only used the vinegar. Okay, well it had been over 36 hours since I showered (don't judge), so I did wash my hair first. But I didn't condition. I can't wait to see my hair when it dries, I hope it's back to shiny! I can't use the hairdryer, because the whole house is sleeping. The Husband was laughing at me because I keep playing with my hair. Scared yet? Just you wait, I am full of useless knowledge. Like how vegetable oil can get sliver splinters out. And.. never mind. So go, take your shower with vinegar!

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