Thursday, May 14, 2009

Product Review: Help, I have oily skin!

I have ridiculously oily skin. Normally, I don't even wear makeup because it just slides down my face by 11:00 am. But it's also sensitive, so my options are slim and expensive. However, I read about Boots No 7 Mattifying Makeup Base on a blog that I can't seem to find again. A few months ago, I decided to grow up and buy some adult face wash, and I have since been using Boots' face wash and toner, so I was so excited to read about this stuff. The just of it: it's a base that will soak up the oil in your skin, leaving your makeup on your face and not clogging pores. So I venture out to my local Mecca to pick some up. Imagine my surprise when it's on clearance for $4.98! Oh, how to make a Mama cry! I also purchased some Boots Botanics Eye Gel, Botanics Toner and No. 7 pressed powder, all on clearance! Yay! How does it work? I love it. You put on your moisturizer and then this stuff. You're not supposed to touch your face for a while, as it's a bit flaky until it starts soaking up the oil. But I shot a fashion show in Boston a few weeks ago, I put this stuff on at 6:30 am, the show was at 2:30, and I met friends out after the show for drinks. Around 1:30, I dabbed a paper towel on my skin (I lost my oil absorbing sheets), but my makeup looked fine at 7:00pm, as I was on my way to catch the T. I highly recommend this stuff! I can't say much for the Botanics line, I don't think the eye gel is helping much, but I'll know more when I run out of my No. 7 toner and start using the Botanics toner. So go get your Boots!

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Vanessa said...

I love the Boots line! I normally use the grape seed and avocado body butter before bed. I'll have to check it out. If Target is going to stop carrying it, I wonder if it can be ordered online?